Secret Essentia

Our Story
Blessed with sensitive and easily get irritated skin, it has forced me to make my own skincare, because I have found no commercial product could solve my skin problems.  I believe that natural ingredients are the best solution for our skin, and I have strong desire to share the benefits I get from these natural products to others, hopefully there are more and more people could get the benefits from natures. This is the reason why Secret Essentia then started, to reveal the secret to healthy, youthful and beautiful skin. 
Our Mission
To make as many people get their healthy, youthful and beautiful skin with natural products.
Our Philosophy
Healthy skin takes important part in someone’s life. It could improve self-confidence, performance and the quality of life.  The best skincare is from natural ingredients. 
We believe simple is the best. We design and formulate products as simple as possible to make it more acceptable, easily used and easily absorbed to the skin.
There are 3 basic skincare routines: cleansing, protecting and restoring. Secret Essentia focused to these basic routines, providing sunblock to protect skin from harmful UV rays while also caring and moisturizing, and night cream for restoring skin while sleeping.  And also Healthy Deodorant which protect your body whole day from odor and excess sweat, keep you feel confident all day long.
These are very basic and essential skincare that do all the jobs for you.
Vina Santika
Founder of Secret Essentia